Justin Dickinson is a New York based product designer focusing on intuitive interfaces, user-centered product management, and design leadership.

After running design teams at Nomad Health, Namely, and Vimeo he is currently available for full time and contract work, speaking, and writing.

Work samples

Pit Boss screens

Pit Boss

Think fantasy sports for award shows. Pit Boss is a platform to power your viewing parties. From March Madness to The Oscars, Pit Boss lets you compete with your friends on pop culture events.

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From 2010 - 2016 Justin helped shepherd Vimeo from a small community of video creators to a massive creator platform. As head of design Justin helped debut Vimeo on mobile and TV, launched the Vimeo On Demand marketplace, built the most beautiful video player on the internet, evolved Vimeo’s creator tools platform, and oversaw marketing and branding as Vimeo’s audience grew.

Case studies

L Train Wrap

As daily riders of the L train ourselves, we were very sensitive to how terribly wrong subway ads can be. Like Vimeo itself, we wanted to take a common thing (in this case, subway ads; in general, video hosting) and imbue it with some sincerity, fun, color, humor, and quality. If we could make your commute better when inside these cars, then our message of a higher quality home for your videos would be clear.

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Great design should generate joy.

I seek design solutions to make users’ lives easier and management solutions to make my teams run better. I love complex systems, big-picture thinking, data interpretation, great content, and memes.

I communicate constantly. I’m always applying design thinking, even on non-design problems. My friends and family love it.

Contact me or view my resume if you’d like to work together. Or find me on the internet…